BLT Menu Options in Windsor

Blokes Losing Timber is a mens’ support network for their mental & physical health and wellbeing. Some blokes know they need to try harder at eating better but we need some help. 

BLT has just launched in Windsor and is looking for BLT Founder Members over the summer.

Obviously, we are looking for the healthiest food options but we still need to enjoy the meal, feel full and know that what we have eaten is going to go to work on our timber and start removing it… we understand some foods work together really well to help those digesting it to lose weight.

We are inviting Windsor’s restaurants, hotels, eateries and bars to come up with one or two BLT Menu Options that we can publicise to our members and far and wide across Windsor through our I Love Windsor website and all its social media and partner channels.

Please tell us about your BLT Menu Option below and we’ll make sure Windsor knows about it… 

Help us to help you to help Blokes Lose Timber.

Thank you.


Photo by Nadine Primeau on Unsplash

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